5 Benefits of IV Therapy You Didn’t Know About

5 Benefits of IV Therapy You Didn't Know About

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In recent years, IV therapy—and its benefits—has become more popular in sports and everyday living. Many people have opted to skip using multivitamins and have gone right for direct injections of absorbable vitamins as a way to get better results from their health routine.

When did IV therapy become such a prominent part of discussions on health? These conversations have been happening since the early 1960s when John Myers developed his infamous IV cocktail for treating migraines.

In recent years, IV therapy treatments have become more popular, especially as more celebrities and athletes promote their personal benefits from IV treatments.

Here are some things you should know.

1. IV Therapy Injects Vitamins Directly Into Your Bloodstream

To understand the benefits of IV therapy, understanding how the body absorbs nutrients is necessary.

Most of the nutrients, calories, and general benefits of our food come when our body processes food in our gut, specifically while it is making its way through our small intestine.

The wall of the small intestine extracts nutrients and needed elements from the sludge of biomass our stomachs make of our food. The number of nutrients we absorb depends on what we eat and our body’s capacity to digest it. If something is off in your gut, you could be absorbing less of the vitamins your body needs to function properly.

Your blood takes the vitamins and distills them throughout your body, allowing the cells in various muscles, organs, etc. to absorb them as they are needed. Multivitamins may contain all the vitamins necessary for healthy living, but they are not as effective as people tend to think.

One of the most significant benefits of IV Therapy is that you skip the entire process of having your food broken down and absorbed. Instead of trying to keep track of your vitamin intake, you can get the exact dose of vitamins your body needs to function properly.

Taking vitamin supplements doesn’t guarantee the doses you are getting on the bottle are what makes it into your bloodstream. The only way to concretely tell whether your body is accepting vitamin supplements is through regular blood tests. There is no need to worry about the vitamin content of your IV infusions.

So long as your IVs are prepared by a medical professional trained to mix the balance appropriate for your body, you don’t need to worry about how much of what you get is being absorbed into your bloodstream because virtually all the vitamins in your mixture make it into your blood.

2. Benefits For People With Vitamin Uptake Issues

Some medical conditions make it difficult for some people to absorb some or many different types of vitamins. Such people are at risk of side effects of vitamin deficiency.

Vitamins are necessary to help keep the chemical balance in our bodies. For example, they:

  • Keep our bones strong
  • Absorb free radicals
  • Assists in metabolizing our food
  • Provide needed materials for hormones
  • Support cell reproduction

When you study any part of the human body in depth, you come to understand just how vital vitamins and nutrients are for our health. This is why you should be proactive in getting the right amount in your lifestyle.

While taking vitamins won’t hurt those who have healthy vitamin uptake systems, those with medical conditions prohibiting the absorption of vitamins have the most to gain. When the body has trouble digesting and absorbing vitamins, it could be worth the investment to have the needed vitamins deposited right into the bloodstream.

3. Faster Recovery For Athletes

Athletes looking to reduce their recovery time after an intense workout or competition may find great benefits from IV Therapy.

There are two main benefits an individual may gain from IV therapy, the first is in the vitamins they receive, and the second is the fluid that is deposited directly into the blood. Both are good for athletes.

When the body is stressed and pushed in exercise, it loses a lot of water, and muscles begin to break down from the physical strain. Vitamins and water are necessary to help the body replenish itself and prepare for the next engagement.

With special IV mixes for athletes, like our Athlete Edge: Recover, you can potentially shorten your recovery time and performance ability. Skipping the absorption process of the gut can rehydrate you and start circulating the vitamins your body needs to repair itself faster than through regular consumption.

This type of therapy isn’t just for athletes. If you are a part-time fitness enthusiast who loves running marathons, lifting weights, and enjoying living an active lifestyle, this type of IV treatment can help you recover from your hardest workouts and competitions.

4. Mental Performance

Do you struggle with brain fog, fatigue, lack of focus, or consistent headaches? Provided your ailments are caused by physical issues and not mental illness, IV therapy has the potential to help.

Your body depends on vitamins to function. You can help supplement your vitamin intake with IV infusions containing all the necessary vitamins you need to function at your prime.

Those who struggle with physical symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, focus, and headaches may be able to find some relief from consistent IV infusions. Not only are the vitamins great for your body, but the extra water you get during the infusion can help you feel markedly better upon the conclusion of your treatment.

In addition to traditional IV therapies, adding NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) can help your brain function optimally and clear away brain fog so you bring your A-game every day.

5. Personal Fulfillment

One of the most powerful effects of IV therapy is the knowledge that you are doing all you can to take care of your body.

If you get an IV treatment prepared by a professional, the fluids and vitamins you get in your body are going to be targeted to help you feel like the best version of yourself. Making time to take care of yourself with IV therapy can help you feel more positive, knowing that you are taking the best care of yourself that you can.

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