Weight Management

Feel Better — Look Stronger — Be Healthier

(Without calorie restrictions!)
Fit into those smaller sizes without starving yourself!


white weighing scale with a yellow measuring tape
testimonial or body transformation of a woman

Actual Results After 5 Weeks Cassidy B Melted 17.4"

I’m completely amazed at my results, I feel so much better and my confidence has improved with the “Melt Inches Naturally!” weight loss program!

Real patients are depicted on these pages and their results are unique to them and may not be similar to yours.

Testimonial, woman holding a paper with "In 4 weeks 17.4" melted" written on it.
Testimonial result, a woman holding a paper with "In 4 weeks 4.8" melted" written on it.

Actual Results After 4 Weeks AnaMarie B Melted 4.8"

It was one of the easiest weight loss plans that I have ever tried. Not having to follow a strict diet was very encouraging to continue the plan.

Real patients are depicted on these pages and their results are unique to them and may not be similar to yours.

Woman holding a paper with "In 4 weeks 64lbs melted" words on it. behind her is the logo of premium Iv Therapy

Actual Results After 4 Weeks Tammy D Melted 6.4 lbs.

Real patients are depicted on these pages and their results are unique to them and may not be similar to yours.

See how we help you achieve your health goals

Program Pricing


First 4 Weeks

Program Choices…you achieve your health goals.

We offer two different options for weight loss:

  • All Natural Programs — Suited for those who prefer vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other natural nutrients
  • Medical Weight Loss — Especially for those wishing to use the latest prescriptions for weight loss like semaglutide and tirzepatide


Scales can be so depressing! We honestly don't care about what weight is on the scale. We are much more interested in watching body fat decrease and muscle mass increase while cheering on your success!

Customized Goal Setting

Let's face it...we didn't get overweight over night and sometimes we need a little bit of help to course correct and get back on track. We've got you covered with our mini-goals. As you master one you get another.

Is Your Weight Exhausting You?

Do you feel:

  • Overweight?
  • Exhausted easily?
  • Depressed about health?
  • Insecure about your weight?
  • Discouraged you can’t fit into a smaller size?


We get it! You are not alone!

Are you ready to wear that sexy dress and the super cute jeans you don’t fit into anymore?

It takes some lifestyle changes to lose weight. Even though it feels like it, weight doesn’t magically appear on us overnight. Likewise, there is no magic pill, fad diet, exercise technique, or machine that will help you lose weight overnight.


But losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean restricting calorie intake.

You may be thinking…

“I’ve always struggled with my weight. Can things really be different?”

This can be true for so many of us. Often times we're "trying things" that are actually hurting our bodies. Or sometimes we are making progress on the insides but since the number on the scale doesn't change much we get discouraged and quit before we see results.

“I’ve tried everything to lose weight and nothing works!”

We hear ya! We firmly believe that most well designed programs actually do work. BUT they may not work for everyone at that particular point in a person's life. Clearly we can't guarantee our programs will 100% work for you but we can guarantee you've got access to all of our resources to help you be successful.



Melt Inches Programs

Unlike traditional weight loss programs, our Melt Inches Programs offer a variety of weight management options for those overweight and ready for lifestyle change to feel better, look better and be healthier. And the best part is we don’t ask you to restrict your calories!


Your healthier self is only


decision away.


Melt Inches Programs


Our Slim Shot Injection ProgramTM is for those who want to be proactive about their health but don’t want an IV infusion.Melt inches with just 4 shots a month!


All NATURAL products
4 lipotropic shots (1 per week)
Special BMI Scale guidance with print outs
Light Coaching


Our flagship program for natural weight loss! You get the benefits of the Slim Shot Injection Program along with our Skinny Me IV boosted with extra fat-fighting nutrients.


All NATURAL products
1 SKINNY ME IV drip with additional nutrients
3 lipotropic shots (1 per week)
Special BMI Scale guidance and print outs
Weekly measurements taken by our clinical team
Individualized health coaching at each visit


For those who qualify, you can receive 4 Semaglutide shots — a prescription medication that helps reduce body fat. This is as close to a magic pill as you can get!


All NATURAL products
4 Semaglutide injections and anti-nausea medication
Guidance to manage common side effects
BMI Scale guidance + print outs
Health Coaching
Access to the whole clinical team for your questions

Body Composition Analytics Results

View an example of a results sheets and gain insights into your health and fitness.

  • Body Composition Analytics
  • Muscle-Fat Analysis
  • Obesity Analysis
  • Segmental Fat Analysis
  • Muscle Balance
  • Body Score
  • Obesity Assessment
  • Body type assessment
  • Trends over time
  • Body Water %
  • Fat-free Body weight(Ib)
  • Visceral Fat Score
Top of the Line Products

All of our products are made from FDA registered suppliers to ensure the safest ingredients for you. You get the benefit of all-natural ingredients and clinically tested and approved drugs all overseen by medical professionals.

BMI Monitoring Scale

Use a BMI scale designed to monitor the muscle and fat content of your body. You get the printouts from the BMI scale and light coaching on lifestyle and routine so you can learn what is working and what needs improvement.


“Coaching” is such a broad term. We’re here to help you succeed. Through conversation we can help guide you to not only be successful in getting inches off, but also in keeping them off.




These Programs Are for People Who…

  • Want to lose weight
  • Don’t like counting calories
  • Need more energy to spend more quality time with loved ones
  • Don’t want a gym/workout plan
  • Want to take a proactive appreciation to health and weight loss
  • Like to go “shopping in my closet” for new clothes
  • Like a natural or drug based weight loss program
  • Ready to START making some lifestyle changes




We guarantee to support your weight loss journey with a compassionate clinical team that understands your situation first hand, that can give real actionable advice, and wants nothing more than to see you succeed. We don’t just work at Premium IV Therapy, we’re Melt Inches Clients too!

We’ll provide you top notch products in proven programs.

We don’t lock you into multi-month commitments. It’s one month at a time that auto-renews every 4 weeks. Want to cancel? Sure just let us know in writing at least 5 business days before your next billing date.

We want nothing more than for you to get your life back. We’re committed to helping you achieve that goal.



Micronutrient blood testing
Frequently asked questions

No. Our professional RNs will give injections in our clinic. In addition, they serve as a valuable resource for questions along with our entire clinical team.

Each program is tailored to your individual needs depending on your goals. You’ll meet with a clinician and go over your weight loss goals to determine the right program for you.
This varies depending on the program and the individual; it’s generally safe to lose 1-2 pounds per week, however, a person may lose more weight in the beginning. The weight a person loses will also be determined by the program, and the consistency of lifestyle choices and exercise.
Each program is four (4) weeks, and auto renews until you cancel. You are only committed to four (4) weeks at a time and may generally continue for as long as you would like to reach your targeted weight.
Not only can semaglutide help with weight loss, but it also lowers your blood sugar and A1C levels, curbs your appetite, increases energy levels, increases lean body mass and decreases fat.

If you are dehydrated your body doesn’t function properly, metabolism will not peak, and you will feel sluggish without energy. Dehydration slows the digestive system and slows down the absorption of nutrients. IV hydration is the perfection solution to the assist your weight loss goals.

Micronutrient blood testing

Premium IV Therapy: Bringing Your Health Goals Within Reach

Health Targeted to Your Goals

Premium IV Therapy was founded to bring premium IV and injection therapies to the east valley. That same drive is mirrored in our Melt Inches weight management programs along with every new service we bring to to the public.

With a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, our goal is to provide education to help you reach your short-term and long-term health goals. We are passionate about empowering clients to be in control of their health! Knowledge is power as they say.

Our IV vitamin + injection therapies are science-backed full-bodied formulas personally designed by our medical director.