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Powerhouse Custom IVs Delivered Directly to Your Body

IVs are used to help treat many different conditions. Our formulas are customized to each individual’s needs when our clinicians meet with you 1:1.
Below are samples of customer favorites.

Ageless Beauty

Center $195 | Mobile $265
Turn back time with our premium blend that smooths, plumps, lightens + brightens while creating greater skin elasticity and glow from the inside out.

Migraine Manager

Center $195 | Mobile $205
Tackle migraine symptoms including nausea and flush toxins to help reduce future migraines.

Immunity Boost Ultimate

Center $195 | Mobile $245
Fortify your immune system with a powerful blend of immune-boosting nutrients.

Myers Gold

Center $195 | Mobile $195
Energize your body with a boost of nutrients, antioxidants, and hydration for a healthy + balanced body and mind.

Other Services

NAD+ is used in every cell of the human body and impacts sleep, mental clarity, focus, energy, inflammation, hormones, mood, metabolism, and much much more.

When using Premium IV Therapy’s NAD products, the molecule goes to work rapidly repairing cells throughout the body and brain.

Iron infusions are medical procedures in which iron is delivered directly into a person’s bloodstream through an intravenous (IV) line. These infusions are typically prescribed for individuals who have iron deficiency anemia or who cannot tolerate oral iron supplements due to absorption issues or side effects.

Are you ready to wear that sexy dress and the super cute jeans you don’t fit into anymore?

It takes some lifestyle changes to lose weight. Even though it feels like it, weight doesn’t magically appear on us overnight. Likewise, there is no magic pill, fad diet, exercise technique, or machine that will help you lose weight overnight.

Injection Therapy – In-Center ONLY

Injections are typically done in the center only by our amazing Registered Nurses. They are also available for special events when requested.

Pure Nutrients - Just the Good Stuff

Get the biggest benefits and best quality IV Vitamin Therapies and Injection Therapies personally crafted by our medical director. Also, by utilizing our Micronutrient Testing, we can further customize your IV to include what your body actually needs!

Of course, we always use filler-free, synthetic-free, junk-free, and the highest bioavailable ingredients sourced and compounded in the United States and delivered to you by our amazing team of Registered Nurses.

Why wouldn't you want the best for your body?

Customized Plans That Target Your Nutrient Needs

From 1:1 private clinician meetings to establishing a top-notch treatment plan, we work alongside you to achieve your optimal health goals.

Our premium IV therapy treatments help treat a huge variety of health conditions:




Athletic Edge Recover
Center $195 | Mobile $225


Ageless Beauty
Center $195 | Mobile $265

Cold & Flu

Cold + Flu
Center $195 | Mobile $225


Hydration Essential
Center $89 | Mobile $110


Deep Detox
Center $165 | Mobile $200

Energy + Focus

Energy + Focus
Center $165 | Mobile $195


Hangover: Classic
Center $195 | Mobile $250

Immunity Boost

Immunity Boost: Super
Center $195 | Mobile $245


Inflammation + Antioxidant
Center $175 | Mobile $205


Migraine Manager
Center $195 | Mobile $205

Muscle Building

Signature: Beast Mode
Center $255 | Mobile $295

Stomach Flu

Tummy Relief
Center $175 | Mobile $205

Stress + Anxiety

Center $165 | Mobile $205


Sunburn Relief
Center $155 | Mobile $195

Total Wellness

Signature: The Works
Center $265 | Mobile $295

Myers Gold

Center $245 | Mobile $285

Signature: Myer's MAX

Center $245 | Mobile $285

A Simple, Accessible Way to Start Feeling Better

1. Easily Book Online
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2. Get a 1:1 Clinician Consultation
Our customized treatment plans are rooted in and backed by science.
3. Feel Hydrated & Energized
You’ll feel younger, look younger, and be ready to live healthier.

Listen to Real Testimonials from Our Premium IV Therapy Clients

Listen to Real Testimonials from Our Premium IV Therapy Clients

Relax & Revitalize Your Health in Comfort

Patient-Centered Care

We consult 1:1 with you before treatment to ensure we understand your needs and health goals, then, customize your therapy to meet them.

Licensed Medical Staff

Focused on your comfort, our IV expert Registered Nurses are kind and compassionate, especially for needle wimps!

Targeted Nutrient Plans

With our unique micronutrient testing we can customize injections and drips to meet your body’s needs.

Comfortable, Relaxing Space

Health is a whole-body concept, and we’ve designed our space to ensure you feel comfortable during treatments.

In-Center Memberships

At Premium IV Therapy, our memberships offer you regular access to the unique IV therapies you love at amazing discounted pricing. PLUS you get pretty amazing perks just for being a member.

Premium Health Just Got Simpler

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