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No need to choose a specific formula! When you book, you reserve your time slot on our calendar.We meet with you in person to understand your needs and make professional recommendations.

Ageless Beauty

Center $198 | Mobile $265
Turn back time with our NAD infused blend that smooths, plumps, lightens + brightens while creating greater skin elasticity and glow from the inside out.

Allergy Relief

Center $155 | Mobile $185
Cleanse your system of pesky allergens so you can enjoy the season without the tissue.

Athlete Edge Recover

Center $195 | Mobile $225
Optimize your body’s performance through improved hydration + mental clarity and recover faster for your personal best.


Center $165 | Mobile $205
Restore your body + mind, calm nerves and promote cognitive function by providing the building blocks the body needs to reduce stress.

Cold + Flu

Center $195 | Mobile $225
Boost your immune system to help fight a cold or flu while relieving your aches + pains.

Deep Detox

Center $165 | Mobile $200

Repair + regenerate by cleansing the liver, enhancing your immune system + reducing inflammation.

Deepest Detox Center $195 | Mobile $245

Energy + Focus

Center $165 | Mobile $195
Refresh physically and mentally with nutrient boosts to restore your A game.

Golfer's Edge IV™

Center $195 | Mobile $235
Prepare your body, soothe muscles and improve your mental clarity so all you need to focus on are eagles and birdies. Great before or after a round.

Hangover Helper Extreme

Center $195 | Mobile $250
Feel better faster with a quick rehydrate, improve mental recovery and detoxify to help overcome hangover symptoms quickly.

Hydration Essential

Center $89 | Mobile $110
Get fast relief from dehydration symptoms while restoring essential fluids.

Immunity Boost Ultimate

Center $195 | Mobile $245
Fortify your immune system with a powerful blend of immune-boosting nutrients.

Inflammation + Antioxidant

Center $175 | Mobile $205
Reduce the harmful effects of oxidation and inflammation while boosting your immune system and preserving heart health and memory.

Migraine Manager

Center $195 | Mobile $205
Tackle migraine symptoms including nausea and flush toxins to help reduce future migraines.

Mommy + Me

Center $165 | Mobile $210
Get pregnancy symptom relief with balanced fluids, electrolytes + antioxidants to stay hydrated and help you feel better.

Myers Gold

Center $195 | Mobile $195

Energize your body with a boost of nutrients, antioxidants, and hydration for a healthy + balanced body and mind.

Signature: Myers’ MAX
Our amazing Myers’ elevated for maximum benefit.

Center $245 | Mobile $285

Slim Me

Center $185 | Mobile $225
What’s not to love about a formula that boosts metabolism, burns fat, and increases energy all promoting weight loss?

Sunburn Relief

Center $155 | Mobile $195
Get sunburn pain relief and a jump on recovery after enjoying the sunny Arizona weather.

Tummy Relief

Center $175 | Mobile $205
Aid in alleviating symptoms + discomfort associated with food poisoning, stomach flu, and other unbalanced GI issues.

Signature IV Formulas

Signature: Beast Mode

Center $255 | Mobile $295
Serious support for serious performance athletes. When you want to push your PR and your reps to make big gains and be at your best…this drip was designed exactly for that. This complements your current supplement stack.

Signature: Myers' Max

Center $245 | Mobile $285
Our already amazing Myers’ Gold formula elevated to maximize your health, body + mind.

Signature: The Works

Center $265 | Mobile $295
When you just can’t decide between all the great nutrients in our drips we have one that includes all our favorites! Our exclusive signature drip features all the best nutrients in one single drip.

Specialty IV Formulas

Cutting-edge therapies to help you become a better version of yourself.
  • Vitamin C Starting at $105

    High doses of vitamin C have been used to assist in treating conditions for nearly 100 years. It was used successfully to treat polio, diphtheria, herpes zoster (shingles), herpes simplex, chicken pox, influenza, measles, mumps, and even viral pneumonia.

    Additionally, Vitamin C is involved in enhancing several functions of the immune system. According to recent knowledge, people with viral infections have low serum levels of vitamin C and often do better when treated with higher doses.

    Higher doses of Vitamin C have also been studied in cancer patients since the 1970s.

    Some human studies of high-dose IV vitamin C in patients with cancer have shown improved quality of life, as well as improvements in physical, mental, and emotional functions, symptoms of fatigue, nausea and vomiting, pain, and appetite loss. Intravenous high-dose vitamin C has caused very few side effects in clinical trials.

    If you feel you are a candidate for High Dose Vitamin C IV infusions, talk with your doctor.

    Doses of Vitamin C over 25,000mg require additional blood testing and a prescription from your doctor. These are only administered in-clinic.

Injection Therapy - In-Center ONLY

Injections are typically done in the center only by our amazing Registered Nurses. They are also available for special events when requested.

Antioxidant Refresh

Improve mood and overall well-being.

EnergizeMe Injection™ Straight B12

Feeling fatigued? Need more focus and energy? Gotcha covered from Straight B12 to the powerhouse KickButt when you really need the energy!

EnergizeMe Injection Amped

Our most popular energy injection for sustained energy with a bit more focus!

EnergizeMe Injection™ KickButt

When you need the biggest energy bump we offer. We recommend getting this in the morning unless you like being up at night!


NAD+ may help improve neurological function, chronic disease, and immune function.

Recover Amino Faster™

Recharge your immune system, heart, memory, and clear unwanted toxins.

SlimShot Mini Lipo

Helping to break down fat, support the liver, and provide energy? Mini-Lipo for the weight loss win!

SlimShot Focused Lipo

Beef up your weight loss shot with added focus.

SlimShot Ultra Lipo

When you want more than a basic weight loss shot, this blend packs a punch by boosting energy, targeting and melting fat cells, and helping the body flush out all that unwanted stuff.

SlimShot Program™

Tell that extra fat who the boss is while jumpstarting your metabolism to assist with your weight loss goals.

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*excludes NAD+ and L-carnitine
*pre-paid services (including packages) expire 365 days from purchase and not combinable with other discounts.

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Our IV Vitamin Therapies are science-backed formulas personally designed by our medical director, Stuart Porter, and can help with all types of health issues!

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