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Packages, Memberships, & Specials

We wanted to save you a bit of time and give you one spot to look for specials, promotions, packages, and more, all ways to save you a bit of cashola in a easy to find and understand format!

Please remember: When you book there is no need to actually choose formulas. When we meet with you in person, working together we custom craft the best formula unique to your needs. Larger groups and events may require deposits.



IV Packages

IV Packages

Build your own 3 Pack 15% off
Build your own 4 Pack 20% off

Injection Packages

Injection Packages

Build your own 2 Pack 10% off
Build your own 4 Pack 20% off



IV Membership

IV Membership

So many have asked for one that we are working on this for you.

IM Membership

IM Membership

Also in the works as many would like to take advantage of our Amped B12 on a more regular basis.

Group Specials

You’ll save more with our group IV therapy discounts. Our offers include:

Groups of 2-9 People, Get

5 %

Groups of 10-19 People, Get

5 %

Groups of 20+ People, Get

10 %

Special Events

Please contact us for further information as each event is truly unique. We can custom tailor wellness for your specific needs.

Further information for each of the following can be found on the Mobile IV page

Premium IV Therapy was founded to bring premium IV services to the East Valley! From the expert IV ninjas, premium full-bodied formulas, the natural no-synthetic nutrients, to the care & attention you receive, you’ll certainly know + feel you’re receiving something special.

Premium IV Therapy Mesa AZ: Special Events

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