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Stuart Porter, Medical Director

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Meet Our Medical Director​

Stuart Porter, Medical Director

Stuart gained valuable clinical experience practicing psychiatry at the award-winning Banner Behavioral Health in Scottsdale, AZ. He earned his professional degree at Walden University in 2021 & quickly became board-certified as a psychiatric mental health nurse.

Understanding the impacts of micronutrients on brain health and outcomes is near and dear to Stuart’s heart. His patient care approach – to treat every patient like he would a family member – is instilled throughout Premium IV Therapy, placing the patient’s best interests above all. Being open with patients and including them in the decision-making process is important to overall self-care too.

An athlete and a lover of the outdoors, he is currently training for a sprint triathlon while mapping out the different Spartan Races he plans to do this year. At home, he and his wife Jillian share four children and two beloved rescue dogs.

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Premium IV Therapy only employs licensed medical professionals that are experienced and licensed to administer IV Therapies and injections. 


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