Why Us?

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Why Us - Sceince
Why Us - VI Therapy

Powerhouse Custom IVs

Each premium formula is crafted by our medical director, hand mixed with pure nutrients, and delivered to you by our amazing IV expert team of Registered Nurses.

Included Medial Consult

After listening to your needs in our included medical consultation, together you build the best drip for your needs.

Premium Formulas

Our amazing formulas are designed full-bodied premium drips from the start. They have all the best stuff in them at stronger dose levels so you don’t need add-ons unless you are looking for even more benefits!

Pure Nutrients: Just the Good Stuff

Get the biggest benefits and best quality IV Vitamin Therapies and Injection Therapies personally crafted by our medical director. Of course, we only use natural junk-free nutrients sourced and compounded in the United States.

Ultimate Injection Therapy

Injections take under 5 minutes and offer a quick boost or dose of vitamins.

Our top injections are mixed by hand from our pure nutrients. Our top injections are:


Straight B12, Amped B12, KickButt B12


Mini Lipo, Ultra Lipo, Slim Shot Program™

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Why Us - Blood Testing

Health that's targeted to your goals

With a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, our goal is to educate you about your short-term and long-term health goals. We are passionate about empowering clients to be in control of their health!

We offer micronutrient blood testing to show exactly what your body really needs and what it doesn’t, allowing you to be hyper-targeted when optimizing your health.

Comfortable atmosphere

Our facilities are designed for your comfort, and our staff is welcoming, knowledgeable + friendly.

Forward-thinking strategies

Health is so much more than food and exercise - let us help you reach your highest health potential.

Client-friendly approach

Our whole goal is to help you feel better. We've got you covered! 

backed formulas

Our IV Vitamin Therapies are science-backed formulas personally designed by our medical director and customized to you. 

Each treatment plan starts with a private 1:1 consult with a medical clinician who reviews your health history, hears your concerns and needs, and then tailors a treatment plan specifically targeted to maximize your health & well-being goals.

Of course, we use filler-free, synthetic-free, junk-free AND the highest bioavailable ingredients to help ensure you get the best absorption and the most impact from your IV and injection therapies.

Science- backed formulas

for your comfort

Premium IV Therapy™ was founded to be a safe, comfortable space to take control of your health and get real results. 

26 years of patient care experience

Combined, the management team at Premium IV Therapy has 26 years in the medical world in various capacities from direct patient care to developing medical devices used in operating rooms.

Licensed medical staff

Premium IV Therapy only employs licensed Registered Nurses (RNs) that are experienced and licensed to administer IV Therapies and injections.

Premium IV Therapy was founded to bring premium IV services to the East Valley!

From the expert IV ninjas, premium full-bodied formulas, the natural no-synthetic nutrients, to the care & attention you receive, you’ll certainly know + feel you’re receiving something special.

Premium Health Just Got Simpler

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