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IV Therapy

IV treatment is the process of feeding hydration and nutrients directly into your bloodstream, quickly restoring your body’s deficiencies. While IV Infusions are not meant to be a substitute for eating nutritious foods, they serve as a supplement or alternative solution to quickly rehydrate and replenish nutrients, restoring the body.

IV drips are for healthy adults who need a boost in vitamins and nutrients. Before receiving an IV drip, all potential clients complete a health intake form and are evaluated by a medical clinician to ensure they are candidates for IV therapy.

Ingested vitamins and nutrients are subject to the absorption barrier in the gastrointestinal tract. IV drips introduce fluids and essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream which yields the highest absorption since they bypass the GI tract.

From our 1:1 private clinician meetings, establishing a treatment plan for your overall health, relaxing in a comfortable 3-way powered recliner, watching one of our large TVs, choosing our free group room with blue velvet sofas, or even our private room for you and a friend while you enjoy our top-notch, clean nutrients your whole experience will be premium from start to finish.

Take advantage of our micronutrient testing so we can customize your nutrients helping you achieve your highest health potential.

The time varies based on the vein size, the type of nutrients, and the amount of fluid. We typically use 1000mL IV solution bags which generally take 45-60 minutes. The flow rate can be adjusted faster or slower to ensure you’re comfortable.

IV delivery is the fastest most efficient way to deliver vitamins and minerals into our bodies. Oftentimes you’ll feel the benefit by the time you finish treatment. Typically the more deficient and unbalanced your system, the greater and more immediate effect you’ll feel. Each individual is unique, and some may not feel the effects for a day or two.

This also varies based on the individual and physical health status. The noticeable effects typically last 2-4 days; however, the underlying clinical benefits can continue beyond that.

Know why you want to visit Premium IV Therapy. Once you arrive, working with our medical professionals, we’ll design the perfect bespoke IV formula for your specific unique needs. If you want something specific off our menu that’s great too.

YES! IV Therapies and Injection Therapies are given in a hygienic environment at our center, your home, hotel, Airbnb, or business. Supplies are packaged sterile, and your IV Therapy Specialist cleans the insertion site with alcohol to prevent bacteria from entering your system. It should be noted that all medical therapies carry a risk, therefore it is important for you to understand the risks, benefits, and alternatives and to receive therapies only from certified medical personnel.

Make sure you drink plenty of water before your appointment. This helps make your veins pronounced and makes the catheter easier to insert. It may also help to have a light meal prior to your IV Therapy treatment.

Unfortunately, no we do not accept insurance at this time. We do, however, accept HSA & FSA cards as forms of payment.

Absolutely! Please contact us via our website or phone us at 480-935-3120 to answer a few easy questions. You may also contact us at hello@premiumivtherapy.com for any questions.

We do offer concierge service ONLY in the East Valley by our qualified medical IV specialists. From Ahwatukee to Gold Canyon and San Tan to North Mesa. An additional travel fee on top of the product prices is charged for concierge service for individuals and groups smaller than 3.

Please fill out the form on our website and a team member will reach out to schedule your appointment.

Injection Therapy (Shots)

Our injections typically take a few seconds to administer in a private room.

Effects depend on the individual’s physical and health status. Typically the effects become fully noticeable after 12 -24 hours.

The effect duration depends on the individual but typically lasts on average of 5-8 days.

Everyone has different needs, requirements, and desired effects. Typically, our patients receive injections on average of once to twice a week.

Yes, our injections only contain natural ingredients and water-soluble vitamins. The effects of the different shots can be synergistic and any excess will be excreted naturally by the body.

Yes, and this is the ideal recommendation. IV nutrients and hydration are very effective at rapidly replenishing any deficiencies and helping the body establish balance. The shots then act as a reservoir for the continuous release of nutrients, essentially prolonging the effects.

Premium IV Therapy was founded to bring premium IV services to the East Valley!

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