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You're in the right place if you need Hangover Help or Lacking Energy!
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Common Premium Formulas Work Wonders!

These Common Premium Formulas Work Wonders!

No need to pre-choose a formula though! When you meet with our Registered Nurses they’ll help you choose the best for your needs and goals. Then you’ll feel the full-bodied formulas got to work straight away.

With the natural non-synthetic nutrients, combined with the extra care & attention you receive from your Expert IV nurse You’ll know + feel you’re receiving something truly special.

Which Formula Is Best For You?


Hangover: Classic

Center $145 | Mobile $185

Hangover: Classic

Feel better faster with a quick rehydrate, improve mental recovery and detoxify to help overcome hangover symptoms quickly.
Choose Hangover: Extreme Center $185 | Mobile $245

Myers Gold

Center $180 | Mobile $235

Myers Gold

Energize your body with a boost of nutrients, antioxidants, and hydration for a healthy + balanced body and mind.

Migraine Manager

Center $165 | Mobile $ 205

Migraine Manager

Tackle migraine symptoms including nausea and flush toxins to help reduce future migraines.

Energy + Focus

Center $155 | Mobile $195

Energy + Focus

Refresh physically and mentally with nutrient boosts to restore your A game.

Premium IV Therapy was founded to bring premium IV services to the East Valley!

From the expert IV ninjas, premium full-bodied formulas, the natural no-synthetic nutrients, to the care & attention you receive, you’ll certainly know + feel you’re receiving something special.

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