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Energized me B12 amped.

EnergizeMe B12 Amped Injection Deals

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Feel Energized Now

The EnergizeMe B12 Amped Injection is designed to provide a boost of energy + focus for the perfect pick-me-up. Our premium formula is crafted by our medical director, hand mixed with pure nutrients, and delivered to you by our amazing IV expert team of Registered Nurses.

Whether you’re looking for a quick energy boost to power through a busy day or need more sustained focus and vitality, the EnergizeMe B12 Amped Injections from Premium IV have exactly what you need to give yourself a boost.

Hayden Biggs
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The staff was super friendly. I felt very comfortable there thanks to the reclining seats and TV with multiple different streaming services. Not to mention I felt better than ever after the process. I’ve only been to 1/5 sessions, but I’m already looking forward to the next!
Ashley Marfori
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The staff was accommodating , so sweet, and it was super comfortable and there were snacks and they got a vein easily. The calming bag worked so good I went home and took a nap lol.
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Angie and everyone was great, 100% will be back and recommend; super comfortable experience quick and easy and fair priced
Cliff English
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Staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. As a walk-in, I was able to get an immediate IV treatment. I will definitely be coming back soon.
Nancy Rediske
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Awesome staff! Know their stuff awesome can't say enough thank you Clint And your wonderful wife💜 They really care about their clients💜 I would give 10 stars!