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Executives To Athletes Are Using This Same Method to Enhance Their Mental Clarity, Increase Energy + Vitality, And Improve Their Mental Resiliance

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anisia whiting
anisia whiting
Tatum was amazing. She was very professional and made me feel like family.
Great experience Very comfortable place Kind employees & made me feel a lot better
Janice Jones
Janice Jones
The service I had today by Angie, RN, was amazingly awesome. As soon as I walked through the door, I was greeted very well … The different services are explained very thorough. I will be back! Thank you Clint and Angie… Blessings
Stacey King
Stacey King
From the moment I walked into the office I felt welcomed and cared for. The staffs willingness to explain the IV process put me at ease. The IV session was a breeze and I left feeling rejuvenated. Highly recommend.
Megan B
Megan B
Very clean, relaxing and professional staff. Angie is the best professional I have ever had and I highly recommend her. The staff is flexible to get you in, and the prices are the best in all of Phoenix with the best product. Highly recommend for everyone.
Marty M
Marty M
Great staff...very informative and very helpful. They explained everything thoroughly and provided me with the best course of action going forward with my health needs. I'd highly recommend.
Janelle Black
Janelle Black
Angie was great! And the experience was awesome! I have tried other IV Infusion places and the service and atmosphere at Premium IV is much more comfortable. I will definitely be going back!
Ashley Ulrich
Ashley Ulrich
This place is amazing! I just happened upon their website after a quick Google search of IV places near me and thought I would try them out based off of their great reviews. They did not disappoint! I am currently 8 months pregnant and after getting a stomach bug and trying to keep up with my other two young children in this incessant heat I've felt like garbage for the past two weeks... I got the Mommy and Me IV and felt remarkably better the next day (still feeling great actually)! When I arrived the Director greeted me (I am so sorry I forgot your name) and explained the whole process to me and got me situated with RN Jen. They both were so nice and friendly! After completing vitals and a quick questionnaire I was escorted to a super comfortable recliner and offered water and snacks. They even changed the TV to my beloved HGTV and gave me a blanket and heating pad to make me the most comfortable. Jen was so great and even though I'm a "tricky poke" she administered my IV perfectly with zero bruising to boot. Another very nice lady (again I am so sorry I forgot your name) came and checked on me about half way and asked if I needed anymore water or snacks.. so sweet! Everything was so clean, comfortable, and professional I seriously cannot rave about this place and it's people enough. I will absolutely be back and plan on bringing my family and friends with me whenever I can! (They even offer a private room so you and a friend/significant other can sit and chat in privacy, how cool is that!). Thank you Premium IV for a truly wonderful experience. I'm so glad I found you!
Melanie Barlow
Melanie Barlow
Tatum was my RN and kind and attentive. The IV went quickly and the location was comfortable and nice!
Mike B
Mike B
I was taken back by the amount of care, regard, and professionalism I experienced from the entire staff here at Premium IV Therapy. Alexa was my RN and did an outstanding job listening/understanding my health struggles (both past and present) and worked diligently to find the best treatment for me. I didn't feel any of her pokes at all! I had many questions due to this being my first IV therapy treatment. The owner himself went out of his way (on his day off!) to come into the office to sit down with me and thoroughly explain my treatment options based off of the intricate health information I provided. I woke up the next day feeling better than I have in MONTHS! Very clean/updated facility as well. I cant wait to come back!! Thank you guys!!

Feeling The Inability To Stay Focused, Difficulty In Making Critical Decisions, Or Mentally And Physically Exhausted After The Work Day?

These challenges are familiar to busy executives and athletes alike, often impacting cognitive function and energy levels. Enter Brain Refuel™: it enhances cognitive performance, delivers lasting mental and physical vitality, and equips you to conquer stress. It’s the ultimate secret weapon for career-driven executives and performance-driven athletes, providing the clarity, energy, and resilience needed to excel in your endeavors.”

Unlock Your Potential: Introducing Brain Refuel™

Discover the transformative power of Brain Refuel™. Whether you’re a busy executive navigating the complexities of your role or a dedicated athlete pushing your limits, you understand the toll it can take on cognitive function and energy levels. That’s where Brain Refuel™ steps in as the ultimate secret weapon. It enhances cognitive performance, delivers sustained mental and physical vitality, and equips you to conquer stress. With Brain Refuel™, you can excel in your career or athletic pursuits, achieving clarity, energy, and resilience. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to your best self.



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Brain Refuel™ is a game-changer for working professionals and athletes alike. It amplifies cognitive function, sustains energy levels, and enhances productivity, all while fostering mental resilience making it ideal for high-performing individuals and the competitive advantage they’re looking for. 

Celebrate peak cognitive performance with Premium IV Therapy’s NAD+ Brain Refuel™ program. Our 1-2 hour sessions respect your busy schedule while optimizing cognitive function. A loading dose of 5 treatments over two weeks jumpstarts benefits, followed by regular maintenance doses. Intravenous delivery ensures maximum absorption. Trust our science-backed formulas and licensed RNs for a safe and effective experience. Elevate your clarity, focus, and vitality with Brain Refuel™

Elevate Your Performance: Brain Refuel's Edge


High Powered Individuals 

Those in mentally challenging positions

Enhances cognitive function for better decision-making

Increases energy and productivity for demanding workdays

Reduces stress and improves mental resilience

Competitive advantage in the business world

Performance Warriors

From the professional athlete to the weekend warrior soccer mom

Sharpens cognitive abilities for better focus and performance

Boosts physical and mental energy for training and competition

Aids in stress management and mental resilience

Supports faster recovery and overall well-being

Mind Optimization Seekers

Anyone who wants to quiet their brain to have more focus with clear calmness

Enhances cognitive function for improved mental clarity

Increases energy for daily tasks and activities

Reduces stress and anxiety for emotional balance

Supports better concentration and focus

May help prevent cognitive decline


Leveling Up The Mind + Body

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Unlock the potential of your mind and body with Brain Refuel™ – a revolutionary program designed to elevate cognitive function, sustain energy levels, and enhance overall productivity.

Tailored for high-performing professionals and athletes alike, Brain Refuel™ is your competitive edge. Our 1-2 hour sessions, respect your demanding schedule, provide the perfect balance of clarity, focus, and vitality.

A strategic loading dose of 5 treatments followed by regular maintenance doses, ensures lasting benefits. With IV delivery for maximum absorption and administered by licensed RNs, you can trust Brain Refuel™ to help you conquer challenges with ease.

Why wouldn't you want the best for your body?

  • Sharpen cognitive function for faster decision-making
  • Enhance productivity with heightened mental clarity
  • Reduce stress and maintain a calm mindset in high-pressure situations
Laptop on a wooden table
Feel energize now

Elevate Your Mind and Energy with Brain Refuel™

  • Optimized Cognitive Performance:
  • Sustained Energy
  • Mental Resilience

Success Stories: Transformations Through Brain Refuel™

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